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Tizzie's Bug Revenge

Tizzie is back for more fun! In this version, guide Tizzie through each maze on each puzzle level while avoiding the bugs! Shoot the red secret walls on each level, while you search for the hidden transport pad that will send you to a bonus level. Once there, you'll need to shoot the red walls to find the return transport pad. This puzzle style game is sure to please! Choose from Classic or Arcade mode providing you with a timed style game or the classic arcade style challenge.

The purchased version offers ...

  •   40 levels of game play!
  •   Difficulty selection for bug speed (slow or fast)!
  •   Hidden walls are visible as a red wall.The transport pads is hidden somewhere under a red wall.
  •   The return transport pad will now send you back to a random level!

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System Requirements
Win95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP 2000,XP
DirectX v8.0 DirectX v9.x
Pentium 450mhz Pentium III
128MB Ram 256MB Ram

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