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Would you rather order by phone, fax or mail? Below is the form, including the phone number to place your order. To print this page, select the printer icon for the printer friendly version.

Mail Ordering

BMT Micro accepts mail orders with payments by check, money order, credit card, or Eurocheck.

Print this page, include your payment and mail to:

BMT Micro
PO Box 15016
Wilmington, NC 28408

Phone Orders

BMT Micro happily accepts phone orders with a valid credit card. In the USA, call 1-800-414-4268  Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM EST.
Outside of the USA, call 910-792-9100 Monday-Friday
13:30-02:00 GMT. A real person will answer the phone, so just tell them which games you
would like to order.

Fax Ordering

Almost the same as mail order. Print this page, complete it and fax it to 1-910-792-1889
Order Form
Purchasing The Games By Phone,Fax, and/or Mail

The below form for use when you order by mail or fax. Phone orders are always
If you have any problems or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Email sales@uppergroove.com

Order Form (use the print button on your browser)

BMT Micro Printable Order Form [Vendor 1288]
**Please see the bottom of this form for important information**
Fill out the printed form, and then send or fax it with your payment to:
Voice Orders: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST (-5 GMT)
(800) 414-4268 (orders only)
(910) 792-9100
BMT Micro
PO Box 15016
Wilmington NC 28408

Fax: 910-792-1889

Name (Please Print)



State / Province

Zip / Postal Code


Phone #

Fax #

E-Mail Address

Alternate E-Mail

Item Description (Please circle each item selected)

Quantity(How Many)
Kasse's Adventures (Episode 1) Escape From Shadie Castle

Kasse's Adventures (Episode 2) Secret of Owilie Forest

Kasse's Adventures (Episode 3) Depths of Icy Graves


Taskforce 3

Taskforce 4

Tizzie's Bubble Chase

Tizzie's Bug Revenge


Wiggilez Blast

VeggieBreak Kids


Shipping Cost (See below for options)** North Carolina Residents
please add 6.5% sales tax
Total Amount Enclosed

Payment Method (circle):

** Please make check or money order payable to "BMT Micro"
** All checks or money orders in US Funds only

Please add the following information for credit card orders:

Card# _________________________________

Exp. Date: ____ / ____

EXACT Name on Card: _________________________________________

**Shipping Options:
(not available for all products, contact BMT Micro for availability)
If product is not already available on CD an additional $10.00 media fee will be


2-3 Day Priority, USA Only ................. $ 6.00 US
Global Priority, NON-USA Only.............. $ 12.00 US
Airborne Overnight USA Only ............... $ 19.00 US

Important Ordering Information
Ordering and general ordering questions:
                                                           Via Email: bmt@bmtmicro.com
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express,
Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Cashiers Check,
Personal Check
Personal checks are subject to clearance.
Euros, Sterling, and US Currency is welcome but please send by registered mail,
We cannot be liable for lost cash sent through the mail.
If you reside in a country with an unconvertible currency please contact us for

Purchase orders are welcome, subject to approval. The minimum
amount is $250.00 US.

Persons in Europe wishing to order shareware may also transfer funds into our 
account with Deutsche Bank. Once the money is deposited, you may either fax a
confirmation to us with proof of deposit or wait until Deutsche Bank notifies us
of the transaction (usually 10-18 business days).
Account information is as follows:
Deutsche Bank / Frankfurt Branch
Empfänger: Thomas Bradford
Konto-Nummer: 0860221
Bankleitzahl: 500-700-10
When you make the transfer, be sure to put your name and the program you are
registering on the transfer.It is very important that you send us a completed
order form by either email or fax if you deposit money into this account for a
Fill the order form out as usual except in the creditcard number field put
"DEUTSCHE BANK". We will file the order and use it to match against the deposit
information we receive from the bank.
When you fax or mail us your order form, we will reply to the email address above 
with an acknowledgement. If you do not get an acknowledgement within 7-10 business
days for mail orders, please send your order again in case it was lost.This extra
bit of caution can save a lot of confusion.
If you are concerned that your order is taking too long to process, feel free to
check with us about the status of your order. It's important to all of us that you
feel safe doing business with our company and please feel free to suggest ways
we can improve our service to you.

Click here to open a new window.A printable version of the order form will be presented to you.

Click on printer to open a new window that will present you with a printable version of the
order form

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