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Kasses Adventures - Depths of Icy Graves

Help Kasse explore the unknown caves known as Icy Graves. Challenging obstacles and dangers await her during her quest to escape. She'll encounter android type guards that protect the caves from all intruders and Kasse has been detected as an intruder. She'll need your help to collect all the treasures required. It won't be easy, as she needs to find a key in each level to get the exit door to operate. A seriously challenging adventure that requires skill, nerves, strategy, planning and at times, just sheer luck. There are traps lurking randomly in the game that "capture" Kasse forcing the player the restart the level by using the R key. To intensify the challenge, the player has a limited amount of time for each level.

The purchased version offers ...

  •   50 large action filled levels!
  •   Specified time limits for each level!
  •   Many powerups and specials!
  •   Unique challenges on each level!

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System Requirements
Win95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP 2000,XP
DirectX v8.0 DirectX v9.x
Pentium 600mhz Pentium III
256MB Ram 512MB Ram

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