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Kasses Adventures - Secret Of Owilie Forest

Kasse has escaped from Shadie Castle and now finds herself in the depths of Owilie Forest which is located in a deep canyon.You need to help her find her way out. Be cautious though as there are strange creatures that lurk within.The paths are different than the Castle, with different ways of getting past obstacles that will present themselves at the worst times. Sometimes there is only one way to achieve the path to end the level.  Explore various areas of the forest, from treetops, to the ground, and even underground in this animated adventure.

This product is currently being re-developed. Stay tuned for more information.

System Requirements
Win95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP 2000,XP
DirectX v8.0 DirectX v9.x
Pentium 600mhz Pentium III
256MB Ram 512MB Ram

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