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December 2023 - We had issues with our previous hosting company which have been resolved now. We are looking forward to releasing new versions of the games in the coming year!

September 15,2013 - Numblocks v4.05 has been released. The Android version is available through Google Play for FREE. You can obtain it for your phone here so grab it today!!

January 29,2013 - Our games are being updated and we are also releasing a HTML5 version of each (with Android soon to come). You can see our HTML5 versions on our mobile division, Castle Knight Games, or click on the Download button. You can play our latest release, Tizzie's Bubble Chase, online with your browser. If you would like the desktop version, you can purchase the full edition as always.

June 19,2009 - Update in regards to ongoing development. Taskforce 5 is still in development. Taskforce 4 and Taskforce 3 are being redeveloped. As well, so is the Kasse's Adventures series and Wiggilez Blast. Stay tuned for more on these favourite arcade, space shooters and platform games.

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Bust up numbered blocks in this retro Breakout clone game. Complete each level to obtain the required puzzle piece that will ultimately complete the game puzzle and receive an additional 100,000 points! Select from 3 difficulty settings which offer a awesome challenge giving you a faster ball speed to contend with. So bring on the challenge! From pinball style bumpers to awesome special effects to the special powerups, this game is sure to please! Numblocks is a whole new type of brick busting fun!

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